Yen-Hua Lee at Taipei Cultural Center


Yen-Hua Lee walks into the Taipei Cultural Center on a Tuesday morning wearing a multi-colored beret and a faded orange wool jacket.  She spots a familiar face – Mr. Liu, an officer at the Center, and hops over enthusiastically to greet him. Backpack slung across her shoulders, Yen-Hua talks with the spirit of a teenage schoolgirl.

The 38-year-old artist identifies her work as both installation and mix-media, but her recent pieces have leaned towards the latter. Lee’s newest collection, Body Accounts has been showing at the Taipei Cultural Center since April 14th. These paintings carry a common undercurrent of angst and fear.

The main piece of her gallery is a silhouette with a head almost too large for its body to support – its black body filled with tangles of tree branches. This one, Yen-Hua explained, she painted when she was thinking of home one day. She emigrated from Taiwan six years ago, but says she is still trying to find where home is.


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