Community college an alternative in harsh recession
04/10/2009, 6:32 am
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Javier Rosario landed the ultimate dream job at MTV shortly after graduating from Brooklyn College. Rosario had it set, a life-long career he was passionate about. But several camera rolls and a couple splices later, the 24-year old found himself out of a job. In the following months, he set out to find a more stable income, but came back with only one firm resolution in mind: a higher salary would mean more education.

“Honestly, you don’t need school for this film stuff, you know?” Rosario said. The following fall, he enrolled at Kingsborough Community College to jumpstart a new career. The deepening recession has sent many students, like Rosario, to seek refuge at two-year colleges near home.

CUNY’s University Applications Processing Center (UAPC), saw an overwhelming increase in applications for its community colleges this spring. The Center asked the six colleges to set individual deadlines on accepting applications. On the surface, CUNY is bucking the trend of a worsening economy. However, like most community colleges, they have an open admissions policy, meaning anyone with a GED, completed application form and admissions fee is guaranteed admission. “Now, we will have to limit the amount of sections available,” Cliff Wood, treasurer of the NACCTEP said